Learning & Playing

If they could, this is my vision of what every child would say to their parents.
Enjoy, Jeri
To my parents,

I know you think I spend too much time playing and not enough time “learning”.  You regularly ask my teachers when they will teach me to write my letters and numbers.  What you don’t really understand is that play and exploration IS how I learn.  My brain is growing rapidly these first 5 years.  In fact when I’m 5 year old, it will be 90% the size of yours.


These are the years when my brain is making the important connections I will need further down the road.  If you rush me, I will lose out in another area that needs to grow. Think of all I have to learn right now!  I am learning about the world around, trying to develop an idea of who I am, I am trying to find out what I’m good at doing, what types of activities I enjoy.  I’m trying to develop language skills and deepen my vocabulary.  I’m trying to learn how to get along with other and gain the tools I need to negotiate in tough social situations.  You won’t always be there and I need to know how to get along with others.


I need time to grow so that when I’m big I will be an articulate, divergent, creative thinker, who gets along well with others.  I need to be confident that I can take on the challenges and stressors ahead of me.

By the way, I have an innate desire to PLAY.  It’s the way I am made.  Please view the world from my eyes.  I am not big like you, yet!  And when I am, you will be proud of me.  And I will be grateful that you loved me enough to let me PLAY!

Love your Child