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This is a wonderful preschool. Both of our grandchildren attend and they and their parents love it. I have often visited and always find an energetic, loving environment. The rooms and outdoor play areas are full of fun ways to play, explore, and learn. The staff is wonderful! - Bob
This preschool is awesome! My five year old son and two year old daughter are both falling in love with learning because of this school. Every day teachers demonstrate that they care about my kids’ individual development while encouraging their social collaboration skills. The teachers at this school are role models to children and to adults alike. I have personally gained so many valuable parenting skills by observing the teachers interact with the kids. In addition, the preschool events bring children and parents together to build relationships and foster community. Every weekend I mountain bike with dads that I’ve met through preschool events. How cool is that! So not only are my kids surrounded by teachers, friends, and parent volunteers who nurture their development, but I too have built terrific new relationships with preschool families. If you are looking for a preschool, then this is the place to check out. - Alex